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Developing People & Areas

On-line certification consulting program may be suitable for those companies that need minimum disruption of their operation and would like to save consultant's travel expenses. Our online service is very similar to traditional on-site consulting, except most communication between our experienced consultants and clients is by phone and e-mail. For companies that have the internal resources to implement their own quality management system but want to speed up the system implementation and enhance knowledge of team, we offer the following services:

Customised Templates

Our specialist to talk with your employee or review micro level survey questionnaire for understanding the process from initial interaction with the customer to product delivery and obtaining customer satisfaction. Based on this initial review our specialist will draft customised templates for your organisation. These templates will be formatted for your organisation and comply with the quality management system requirements. Your organisation will need to review, modify and implement the templates.

Desktop Auditing

We send you our micro level survey questionnaire and collect the information for documentation. Our specialist will review your current set of quality management system documents and review details send by you. We will review the documents and compare them to the quality management system requirements. Based on that we will submit you gap analysis report as well as 1st stage of draft documents. You may review our draft documents and resubmit us all necessary documents for final review. This option is most often chosen twice during the self-implementation phase:
1. Once at the beginning as a part of micro level survey and draft document preparation.

2. The documents are implemented and final review.

All the above processes are supported with FREE 12-month phone/e-mail support.